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The Pont du Gard Aqueduct

8 Fascinating Walks from Uzès to Nîmes

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The Pont du Gard is known and admired throughout the world but what do we know about the destiny of the water streaming accross its summit ? What journey did it make through the Gard’s countryside ? What other feats of engineering conveyed water from the source in Uzès all the way to Nîmes ? What do we know about the construction of this 35 mile-long aqueduct, a seemingly impossible challenge ? Its history, demise, rediscovery and restoration ? What is left of it today ?…

This book offers detailed answers – and more – in a concide and accessible way. It also draws us towards the visible remnants of this extraordinary undertaking. In eight detailed walks, the authors lead us to discover the remains, modest or magnificent, but always moving, taking us to the heart of magnificent landscapes, revealing the flora of the Garrigue and unveiling the historical and architectural heritage of the villages to be discovered along the route.

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